Today's big breaking news: Saudi Arabia declares war on Iran


Riyadh (Web Desk) Saudi Arabia's Prince Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz has said that the threats posed by Iran are threatening not only Saudi Arabia but the entire region and global security. The Saudi Arabian Broadcasting Agency said the pact expressed these views to US Defense Secretary Mark Asper.
Mr. Asper telephoned Prince Mohammed bin Salman to discuss the Aramco attacks and his subsequent birth.Ali discusses the situation: US Defense Secretary briefed US on recent attacks on two oil and gas installations in Kyrgyzstan and assured Saudi leadership of possible cooperation in dealing with those responsible. Defense Minister said that all options are open to deal with those responsible for the Aramco attacks.Iran is a threat to Iran and the Middle East and to the whole world. On the other hand, US Defense Secretary Mark Aspar took to Twitter to say that he had attacked Saudi Arabia's Prince Prince Mohammed bin Salman about the latest attack on two Armco oil installations. I've talked. US defense minister says Iran's defense of the global system of sabotage So the United States will work with all its allies. They wrote on Twitter that President Donald Trump and other top officials

There has been a high level meeting in the White House to assess the situation with which the situation arose after the Aramco attacks. The US Defense Secretary said that I have spoken with the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and Iraqi Defense Minister Najah al-Shamri about the recent attacks on Saudi oil installations. It is understood that attacks on drone planes at two oil installations in Baghdad and Kharif, Saudi Arabia's cities, on Saturday had ignited, which also affected the supply of oil.


  1. Fake news! Yemen did the attack with 10 drones but the US could not accept that yemen has the capability to do it. Yemen is now advanced in military hardware in which USA, SAUDI. ISRAEL deny it because they are embarrassed so they mistakenly blamed on innocent Iran. Lol

  2. Iran's proxy war against Saudi and US using Yemen

  3. us saudi n esrail csn not accept hat yemani csn do more counter attack agsinst them now they saudi war agsibt iran they csn win war agsibt yeman how much more for iran