India becomes orphaned, Russia declares Pakistan's support after Security Council meeting Russia recognizes occupied Kashmir as a disputed territory and appeals to resolve the issue in accordance with UN resolutions, the Shimla Agreement and the Declaration Lahore.

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New York (August 16, 2019): India becomes an orphan; after the Security Council meeting, Russia announces its support for Pakistan; And appealed the resolution in accordance with Lahore Declaration. According to details, a special statement has been issued by Dmitry Polyasky, Russia's deputy to the United Nations, after the Security Council meeting on Occupied Kashmir.
The Russian delegation has also accepted the disputed status of occupied Kashmir. The Russian delegation says both Pakistan and India are its friendly countries for Russia. Russia wants the two sides to resolve the Kashmir issue peacefully and through dialogue.

Russia wants the Kashmir issue to be resolved in accordance with UN resolutions, the Shimla Agreement and the Declaration Lahore.

It should be noted that the Indian move to abolish the special status of Occupied Kashmir and the situation arising thereafter is united by the United Nations.Security Council closed room meeting. The meeting was attended by 5 Permanent UN members and 10 Permanent Members. At the meeting, India suffered defeat and members of the Security Council agreed that occupied Kashmir is a contentious area and that the issue was not India's internal matter.

Militha Lodhi, Permanent Representative to the UN, told the media that Pakistan welcomes the UN Security Council meeting. We want a peaceful solution to the Jammu and Kashmir issue. The voice of non-Kashmiris is heard on the world's highest forums today. Militha Lodhi said that people are being oppressed in occupied Jammu and Kashmir.
Kashmiris can be imprisoned and their voices cannot be suppressed. Pakistan has made this effort for the people of Jammu and Kashmir and it will continue till the solution to the problem. Referring to the proceedings of the meeting, the Chinese delegation said that the members of 15 UN Security Council members attended the meeting. Security Council meeting discussed the issue of Kashmir in detail.

Members expressed deep concern over the Kashmir situation. The UN General Secretary had also made a statement a few days ago in this regard. Members expressed deep concern over the human rights situation in Kashmir. The Kashmir issue must be resolved under the UN Charter and the bilateral agreement. Kashmir is a contentious area, and unilateral decisions should be avoided.

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